LED Street/Roadway Lighting

GEA will bring your streets and roadways into the LED age with an LED lighting solution, that is custom designed for your specific lighting requirements.

Through photometric evaluations, our lighting engineers determine the correct fixture type with the light output and lensing patterns needed, for each lighting application. This assures that you have the perfect light levels on streets, motorways, pedestrian areas and any roadways.

GEA manufactures a wide range of LED lighting fixtures and control options to give optimum performance and maximum lifetime operation. All luminaries undergo rigorous testing, quality control and have world wide certifications to meet any safety and electrical requirements.

Please contact us and one of our authorized representatives will be glad to assist you in making the right choices for your new energy efficient, low maintenance, cost saving LED street/roadway lighting system that will be custom designed for your application!

We look forward to providing you with an eco-friendly, LED lighting solution.

GEA Global LED Lighting Division